Experiencing Drought in the Grasslands of the American West

Increasing Community Resilience through Local Tourism and Natural History

Student Produced Tourism Documents

The following brouchures, maps, and pamphlets were produced by students in Dr. Vadjunec's field research classes, GEOG 4313: Field Techniques and GeoData Collection and GEOG 6313: Mixed Methods in Field Research.

Title: A Snapshot of Time: Clayton, NM the Historica Center of Union County

Authors: Emily Ellis, Lela Berastequi, Daniel Surach, and Maria McKeaigg

Title: Amistad, New Mexico: Where Hope Still Grows

Authors: Kimberly K. Johnson and Thomas E. R. Cox

Title: Works Progress Administration: Must See Historic Places

Authors: Amanda Weber and Puja Jana

Title: Cimarron County, OK and Union County, NM: Natural History Points of Interest

Authors: Brian Birchler, Matt Haffner, and Tony Pentimonti