About Abby Cervenka

Abby is an undergraduate in Environmental Sustainability in the OU College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences.

Species of the Week – Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture - Cathartes aura This week, it’s time to give a big shout out to the often unloved and underappreciated Turkey Vulture. With its gnarly bald head and spectral 6-foot wingspan, the Turkey Vulture may seem rather unsavory at first glance. But look past their warty eyes and straight through their gaping nostrils [...]

Species of the Week – Lesser Prairie Chicken

Lesser Prairie Chicken - Tympanuchus pallidicinctus The Lesser Prairie Chicken is an artist; the vanishing short grass prairie is his stage. He’s definitely in the underground music scene. You would never recognize his nondescript hang out unless you were a Lesser Prairie Chicken. A slightly raised area with minimal vegetation is his ancestral dancing [...]