The Robert Bebb Herbarium (OKL) is maintained jointly by the Oklahoma Biological Survey and the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology at the University of Oklahoma. The herbarium houses the largest collection of Oklahoma plants in the state. Specimens exceed 250,000 in number, with extensive collections of the families Poaceae, Asteraceae, Fabaceae and Cyperaceae. Some notable botanists whose collections reside at Bebb include B.F. Bush, G.J. Goodman, E.L. Little, G.W. Stevens, C.S. Wallis, and U.T. Waterfall. Noteworthy exsiccatae include F.J. Lindheimer’s Texas collections and J.L Reveal’s western U.S. collections.

The mission of the herbarium is to document and promote understanding of plant diversity in the state of Oklahoma. There are three primary components to our mission: to support basic and applied research in the plant and environmental sciences, to support educational activities related to the life sciences, and to promote awareness of Oklahoma’s flora and vegetation to the scientific community, professional organizations and agencies, and the public.

Visiting the herbarium

Visitors are welcome at the herbarium. Please contact the Curator or Collections Manager to make arrangements. All visitors must check in with staff and agree to follow herbarium policies and procedures before entry is permitted into the research collection. We ask all visitors to sign the guest register in the herbarium foyer.