Policies and Procedures

No food or tobacco products are allowed in the herbarium.

Absolutely NO untreated plant material of ANY kind may be brought into the herbarium. Plant material must be treated by freezing at -30 for two weeks. Books and papers must also be treated. Please contact the Collections Manager for further information on adding materials to the treatment queue.

Herbarium specimens are fragile. Do not fold, bend, or turn specimen sheets face down. Keep cabinet doors closed when not in use. Please do NOT refile specimens.

Permission from the Curator is required for any permanent removal of material from a specimen. A destructive sampling agreement also must be signed.

We encourage annotations of specimens by qualified persons. Please use an annotation labels rather than writing on specimen sheets.

Library materials may only be removed from the herbarium with permission from the Curator or Collections Manager.

Loans are specimens are made to institutions rather than individuals. The borrowing institution has the responsibility of storing the specimens securely in herbarium cabinets and for their proper return. Loan requests may be sent to the Curator or Collections Manager and should include the name of the researcher(s), the title of the project, and a complete list of taxa (and their synonyms) required for the work. Electronic requests are encouraged.