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Colorado mountain streamWelcome!

Our interests:

Main taxonomic groups:


  • Smithsonian Visit: Liz and Laura looked for OK bumblebee records in D.C.
  • slugDr. Robert Cowie visit: Snails of Hawaii and the Pacific
  • BioBlitz! 2013 Liz, Laura, and Shelly participated in science outreach and taxa identification
  • Liz, Moe, Darby, and Laura led an interactive science outreach program in 17 Norman schools Fall 2013
  • New undergraduates and graduate students welcome!

    Our affiliations

    We are housed within the Oklahoma Biological Survey, which is a research unit in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oklahoma.We are associated with two academic departments: the Department of Biology and the Department of Plant Biology & Microbiology.

    Graduate students in the lab are in the Biology, Plant Biology, or EEB (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) programs.

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