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Liz_photoElizabeth (Liz) Bergey



Graduate students


eric Eric Bright: Ph.D. candidate (EEB/Biology) - Wetland ecology and playa lakes

shellyShelly Wu: M.S. Student (Biology) - Diatom ecology

kammyKammy Brown: Ph.D. student (Botany) - Ecology of springs and springbrooks

pawPhushewan "Paw" Suriyawong: Ph.D. Student (Biology) - Invertebrate ecology

Undergraduate Students

lauraLaura Figueroa (Spring 2012- Present) - Oklahoma bumblebee distribution

blytheBlythe Taylor (Spring 2013- Present) - Burrowing behavior of snails

oliviaOlivia Pham (Summer 2013 - Present) - Local distribution of non-native snails

moeMoe Gill (Fall 2013- present) - Snail Outreach for K-5


Graduate Students

nina Nina Desianti: M.S. degree Spring 2012 (Botany) - Diatoms




Josh Cooper: M.S. degree Spring 2010 (Botany) - Diatom biogeography and ecology of granitic rock pools

Shane Jones photo




Shane Jones: M.S. degree Spring 2004 (Zoology) - Crayfish ecology, conservation, and distribution


Undergraduate researchers/interns/technicians

Darby Jalbert Fall 2013 - Honors Research Assistant

Rebekah Martin Graduated Spring 2013 - Snail Nutrition

Eric Ray Graduated Spring 2013 - Snails and Fire

Jobin Kurien Graduated Fall 2012 - Local Snail Distribution

Callie Merriot Graduated Spring 2013 - Invertebrates and Playa Lakes

Betty Luu Graduated Spring 2009 dragonfly distributions in Oklahoma

Elizabeth Maupin graduated Fall 2009 BEES program: elementary school outreach

Amanda Faris BEES program: elementary school outreach

Magan Lersch

Barrett Phillips

Lindsey Abbott

Johnnie Gilpen

Joe Waterbury

Jennifer Weaver

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