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Welcome to the BioBlitz! OK Virtual Nature Center – Spring Edition!

Biodiversity Network

Spring BioBlitz! OK 2021 – Has Concluded!

Spring BioBlitz! OK Records 1,631 Species!

888 BioBlitzers made over 25,000 observations in April!

  • 164 Bird species submitted through eBird
  • 43 Redbud phenology observations posed in BudBurst

Check out the results on iNaturalist!

Challenge Prize Earners

Close up of Redbud flower budsFungus, lichen, or moss observations

  • Mark Palmer
  • Holly White

Observations at a State Park

  • Chris Gierut
  • Tracy Pickering
  • Risa Lilly Brown

Submit eBird checklist

  • Ester Key

Pollinator observations

  • Brandon Harney
  • Lisa Miller

Best Budburst phenology observer

  • Abby Cervenka

Most Research Grade species observed in iNaturalist

  • Richard Hasegawa

Most species reported in eBird

  • Mike Yough

Most reptile and amphibian species

  • Ian Kanda

Peoples’ Choice “Best Photo” in iNaturalist

  • Buddy Brown

Congratulations – Prizes will be in the mail soon!

Celebrating Human Diversity!

We strive to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community through BioBlitz! OK.  In this space we will be highlighting a diversity of people and projects, amplifying underrepresented voices, and showing the BioBlitz! OK community that everyone is welcome!

What is BioBlitz! OK?

BioBlitz! OK is a celebration of Oklahoma’s biodiversity.  During the first weekend of October and during the entire month of April, expert biologists and citizen scientists count as many species as possible!  100s of people explore the mountains and grasslands, forests and wetlands looking for our state’s amazing biodiversity.

Past BioBlitz! Events

Save the Date!

Fall BioBlitz! OK – October 1-3 at Roman Nose State Park
Event details will be posted in late summer.

Springs at Roman Nose State Park


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Species of the Week

Online Resources

Download activities

New Spring BioBlitz! BINGO Sheet

Great way to guide nature exploration with beginner naturalists!Download a PDF of the BINGO Sheet

A simple guide to collecting and observing your backyard insects developed by one of our invertebrate experts and OU grad student, Melissa Sadir.

The Sam Noble Museum has developed an amazing series of activities to help you get out and explore!

Explorer Activities

Pollinator Patch

Spring is a great time to learn more about our native pollinators!  Check out the Pollinator Patch for more information.

Syrphid Fly, Eristalis stipator, on stiff greenthread, Thelesper

BioDiversity Art Gallery 2020

Providing an new opportunity to celebrate our state’s biodiversity.

Traditionally our events have focused on an inventory of biological species observed during our fall BioBlitz! OK weekend or our Virtual Spring BioBlitz! Month.  We now are expanding our celebration to include artistic expression!  

See All of the Art!