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BioBlitz! Oklahoma 2017

Black Mesa State Park and Nature Preserve, October 6-8

Record Setting BioBlitz! Oklahoma

This BioBlitz! marked the farthest west, highest elevation, longest inventory time, and first dinosaur!  Over 300 biologists and citizens scientists from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Colorado spent 42 hours looking for as many biological species as possible at the tip of the Oklahoma panhandle.  Scouring the shortgrass prairie, sage brush, mesa tops, and steep shrub covered slopes, we found at least 720 species!  This number has grown since our initial announcement of 709 at 4:00 p.m. at the end of the inventory.  As people double check lists and gather additional observations, this number may grow!

More about the region:

Black Mesa State Park (map)
Black Mesa Nature Preserve (map)
Birding at Black Mesa
Herps of Black Mesa
Shortgrass Prairie
Hiking to the High Point

Inventory Numbers

720 Species Observed

  • Bryophytes (mosses) 8
  • Fish 9
  • Mammals 18
  • Lichens 21
  • Reptiles & Amphibians (herps) 21
  • Fungi 24
  • Aquatic Invertebrates 35
  • Birds 114
  • Plants, vascular 173
  • Terrestrial Invertebrates (insects, arachnids, etc..) 296

Download lists of all the Species Observed!

as of 16 October 2017

2017 Participant Guide
2017 Activity Schedule
Species Lists