BioBlitz! OK 2020

Statewide, October 2-4

BioBlitz! OK 2020 Records 1261 Species!

Images provided by BioBlitz! OK experts and citizen scientists: including Zach DuFran, Jessa Watters, Matt Fullerton, Priscilla Crawford, Angelina Stancampiano.

Check out what we saw!

iNaturalist Inventory
eBird Checklist

BioBitz Activities

This year due to the global pandemic, we hosted over 30 small expert led walks and talks around the state.  Over 100 people participated in these masked activities!

Masked child holding small turtle during a herp activity

BioBit activity schedule

BioDiversity Art Gallery 2020

Providing an new opportunity to celebrate our state’s biodiversity.

Traditionally our events have focused on an inventory of biological species observed during our fall BioBlitz! OK weekend or our Virtual Spring BioBlitz! Month.  We now are expanding our celebration to include artistic expression!  

See All of the Art!