Species of the Week – Purple Passion Flower

Purple Passion Flower - Passiflora incarnata The species of the week is the Purple Passion Flower, Passiflora incarnata. Most Passion Flowers originate from South America with large flowers that bloom during springtime. When traveling through South America, Spanish missionaries labeled this unique-looking flower as the “Flor de las cinco lagas” or the flower of [...]

Species of the Week – Lesser Prairie Chicken

Lesser Prairie Chicken - Tympanuchus pallidicinctus The Lesser Prairie Chicken is an artist; the vanishing short grass prairie is his stage. He’s definitely in the underground music scene. You would never recognize his nondescript hang out unless you were a Lesser Prairie Chicken. A slightly raised area with minimal vegetation is his ancestral dancing [...]

New Podcast Episode – Crys Davis, Bryologist

Meet the Experts - Crys Davis, bryologist In this "Meet the Expert" Episode, I chat with our BioBlitz! OK moss expert, Crys Davis.  We talk about how amazing mosses are, what we love most about BioBlitz!OK, and how her super rugged wheelchair allows her to explore nature and have a fun BioBlitz! experience.  [...]

Student Highlight – Meelyn Mayank Pandit

Meelyn Mayank Pandit - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Oklahoma Pronouns: he/him/his Race/ethnicity that you identify with:  Asian - Southeast Asian (Indian) Where were you born and where did you grow up?  I was born in Alabama and raised in Indiana. Education: 4th year of Ph.D. program in Biology Dream Job:  To become a [...]

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Student Highlight – Luis Cueto

Luis Cueto - Ph.D. student, University of Oklahoma Pronouns: he/him Race/ethnicity that you identify with:  Hispanic Where were you born and where did you grow up?  I was born in a small town in the south of Peru called Cuajone. I grew up in Arequipa, which is a city near the Atacama Desert in [...]

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Bee Expert, José Montalva

New Podcast Episode This week our podcast transports us out of this snowy winter and back into warm summer days of buzzing bees and flowers filled with nectar.  In this "Meet the Expert" episode Priscilla chats with bee expert José Montalva.  You would never guess that a being on the college free diving [...]

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Student Highlight – Josh Anadu

Josh Anadu - senior undergrad, Oklahoma State University Pronouns: he/him/his Race/ethnicity that you identify with:  Black Where were you born and where did you grow up?  I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I grew up in Houston, Texas. Education: Senior, Environmental Science, Oklahoma State University Dream Job:  Principal Investigator studying extreme environment microbial ecology [...]

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Podcast Featuring Director, Dr. Lara Souza

New podcast episode! In this "Meet the Expert" episode, Priscilla Crawford talks with our director, Lara Souza.  As a plant ecologist she researches global change ecology and as a professor she teaches and mentors graduate and undergraduate students at OU. Hear about her field work, her leadership work at the university, and her advice for [...]

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Species of the Week – Ghost Pipe

Ghost Pipe - Monotropa uniflora In celebration of Halloween this weekend, the Species of the Week and Floral Friday post is the Ghost Pipe - Monotropa uniflora.  I was pretty excited to spot a few plants a couple weeks ago in the Ouachita National Forest while hiking around Cedar Lake (my favorite lake!).  [...]

Species of the Week – Big Brown Bat

Big Brown Bat - Eptesicus fuscus The end of October is finally here, which means Halloween is right around the corner.  Bat Week is a great time to recognize a Halloween-themed favorite we have right here in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Big Brown Bat is most easily seen about 20 minutes after sunset.  However, [...]