BioBlitz! is this Weekend!

Here are a few tips on participating this weekend: Register:  It's FREE and you can get a fun sticker!  REGISTER Schedule: Inventory goes from midnight Friday morning until midnight Sunday night. We still have spots open for in-person BioBitz activities. We will be posting on Facebook live throughout the weekend. Submitting observations: Everyone that joins [...]

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Species of the Week – Pokeweed – Phytolacca americana

Pokeweed - Phytolacca americana Although proper preparation and cooking of Pokeweeds might be necessary for human consumption, many birds feast on the ripened raw Pokeweed fruits alone. Mockingbirds, like many other bird species, are attracted to ripe purple berries. Northern Mockingbirds can be found year-round in most southern states, including Oklahoma. Likewise, Pokeweed, also [...]

New to BioBlitz!

Echolocation Grotto Alabaster Caverns State Park designed and built this traveling exhibit to provide an educational opportuntiy for those interested in learning about bats. In the Grotto you will find audio/video programs, slide programs, interactive games, interpretive displays, and hands-on activities. These were developed and gathered from years of research, field observations, and real-life experiences [...]

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Giving Back to Oklahoma State Parks

This year BioBlitz! participants are invited to get their hands dirty with a service project on Sunday morning of BioBlitz! weekend. As many BioBlitzers know, the Oklahoma State Parks budge has been cut by 70% in the last 10 years! This leaves the parks with fewer resources and personel to maintain the parks we love. [...]

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