BioBlitz! is this Weekend!

Here are a few tips on participating this weekend: Register:  It's FREE and you can get a fun sticker!  REGISTER Schedule: Inventory goes from midnight Friday morning until midnight Sunday night. We still have spots open for in-person BioBitz activities. We will be posting on Facebook live throughout the weekend. Submitting observations: Everyone that joins [...]

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New Book: Dragonflies at a Biogeographical Crossroads

New Book: Dragonflies at a Biogeographical Crossroads Dragonflies and damselflies are some of the most charming and captivating members of the insect world. Dragonflies wheeling through the air like miniature falcons and damselflies flitting gracefully about the edges of ponds and creeks are a feature of summers in Oklahoma. Now, after years of [...]

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Research Spotlight: Monarchs and Milkweeds

Research Spotlight: Monarchs and Milkweeds Text and photos by Josh D. Kouri Monarch butterflies are perhaps the most iconic native insect in North America. These large, beautiful butterflies, famed for their yearly migration, are a prized visitor for many gardeners and nature enthusiasts. Many Oklahomans, aware of the conservation threats facing monarchs, [...]

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New to BioBlitz!

Echolocation Grotto Alabaster Caverns State Park designed and built this traveling exhibit to provide an educational opportuntiy for those interested in learning about bats. In the Grotto you will find audio/video programs, slide programs, interactive games, interpretive displays, and hands-on activities. These were developed and gathered from years of research, field observations, and real-life experiences [...]

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