Brenda D. Smith and Michael A. Patten

From the Publisher’s Website:

This lavishly illustrated book examines the distribution, ecology, conservation status, and biogeography of 176 species of dragonflies in the southern plains of the United States, where twelve ecoregions converge. The topics discussed, such as phenotypic variation and ecology, are applicable and of interest across the United States and much of north America, and will appeal to researchers and dragonfly enthusiasts alike.

A series of maps, including a distributional map by specific locality of occurrence, indicate level of documentation and allow the reader to visualize the biogeographical associations of a given species. These maps also encourage citizen scientists to contribute documentation wherever they spend time in the field. Context-driven chapters, including one on the region’s rich paleontological history, blend environmental history and biogeography, giving the book a fresh perspective on the natural world while providing a rich summary of the odonates.

Dragonflies at a Biographical Crossroads: The Odonata of Oklahoma and Complexities Beyond Its Borders will be sought out by dragonfly researchers and enthusiasts, entomologists, amateur naturalists, paleontologists, conservation biologists, educators, regional historians, and those seeking to meld the disciplines of cultural and environmental history with biology. It will also be readily accessible to the lay public. Dragonflies combine the visually stunning with acrobatic fireworks in ways no other insect can hope to combine.