Herpetological Literature of Oklahoma

The Herpetological Literature of Oklahoma is a bibliography of herpetological works pertaining to Oklahoma. The purpose is to provide easy access to the literature for those interested in Oklahoma herpetology. Most of the works prior to 1988 were compiled by Charles C. Carpenter and James J. Krupa and published as Oklahoma Herpetology: An Annotated Bibliography by the University of Oklahoma Press in 1989.

Major North American herpetological journals as well as regional journals and the popular literature were examined to discover articles pertaining to Oklahoma that should be included. Theses and dissertations from the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University were thouroughly searched. Historical accounts of explorations, wildlife publications, reports from the State Archaeological, Biological, and Geological Surveys, pertinent medical accounts, museum records, books, monographs, and unpublished manuscripts were also searched. Please read the metadata file for more information on the Herpetological Literature of Oklahoma.

Limit of use: The material previously published in Oklahoma Herpetology: An Annotated Bibliography may be used for research and citation purposes only.

Disclaimer: The Oklahoma Biological Survey cannot warranty the accuracy or utility of the data. OBS data may require a certain level of biological expertise for proper analysis, interpretation and application. Our staff is available to advise you on the technical aspects of these data.

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