Internships in Conservation Biology

Overview: The internship program named independent study program that enables students to combine what they learn in the classroom with the ‘real life experience’ of working at the Oklahoma Biological Survey. Students will gain skills and try out possible career options, while receiving academic credit. The Oklahoma Biological Survey is both an Organized Research Unit at the University of Oklahoma and a state agency, with the mission to gather, analyze and disseminate information regarding animal and plant species and ecological communities within the state and associated geographical areas. Within the Survey, interns can work in any of the programs, including the general program, the Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory (which deals with rare plants, animals, and ecological communities),  and the Bebb Herbarium. The Internships in Conservation Biology course is offered by the Botany and Microbiology, Geography, and Zoology Departments. The Department of Botany and Microbiology’s internship program, Herbarium Practicum, is also part of OBS Internship Program.

Zoology 3990/4990,  Sections are instructor-specific
Instructors: Bergey,  Patten

Botany 3990,  Sections are instructor-specific
Instructors: Crawford

Geography 4200,
Instructor: Hoagland
Check schedule or contact instructor for section number
Credits: variable (1-2 credit hours)

Permission of the Instructor and the Coordinator of the Internship Program. There are no prerequisite Zoology or Geography courses. Herbarium Practicum has a course or experience requirement.

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