Jane Breckinridge – Euchee Butterfly Farm & Tribal Alliance for Pollinators

Listen to the Podcast!

We have had a bit of a podcast hiatus because things got busy for Angelina and Priscilla as things started to open up after the winter COVID lockdown.  I am embarrassed to say that I recorded this podcast back in February!  I think we were in the middle of that arctic blast that seems so long ago, now that we are in the middle of summer.  In fact, in the recording you can hear the peeping of my newly arrive chicken chicks which were under the heat lamp in the next room. Those little ladies are full grown and should be laying eggs any day now.

Anyway – you are finally getting my last recorded episode in which I talk with Jane Breckinridge – a butterfly farmer, non-profit director, and pollinator conservation advocate.  She works extensively with tribes in Oklahoma to restore and protect pollinator habitat and provide economic opportunities in rural Oklahoma.

Here are the links to the organizations we talk about in this episode:
Tribal Alliance for Pollinators:   https://tribalallianceforpollinators.com/
Monarch Watch: https://www.monarchwatch.org/

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This podcast is a project of BioBlitz! Oklahoma, an outreach program of the Oklahoma Biological Survey at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Parks.