Chilson_thumb Phil Chilson

Professor, School of Meteorology and

Advanced Radar Center

Koch_thumb Jennifer Koch

Assistant Professor of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change,

Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability

 deBeurs_thumb Kirsten de Beurs

Associate Professor and Chair,

Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability

 McGovern_thumb Amy McGovern

Associate Professor, School of Computer Science

Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Meteorology

 Jeff_thumb Jeff Kelly

Director, Oklahoma Biological Survey

Professor, Department of Biology

Photo of Justin Reedy Justin Reedy

Assistant Professsor,

Department of Communication and

Center for Risk & Crisis Management

 Eli Bridge Eli Bridge

Assistant Professor,

Oklahoma Biological Survey

 Jervis_thumb Lori L. Jervis

Associate Professor,

Department of Anthropology

Director, Center for Applied Social Research

 Mata_thumb Sara Mata

NRT Project Coordinator

Contina_thumb Andrea John Contina

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow