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Plant Literature of Oklahoma

The Plant Literature of Oklahoma is a bibliography of botanical works pertaining to Oklahoma. The purpose is to identify and bring together this widely dispersed literature as an aid to further research and study. Most of the works prior to 1988 were compiled by Forrest L. Johnson and T. H. Milby and published as Oklahoma Botanical Literature by the University of Oklahoma Press in 1989.

Most publications listed are primary sources such as journal articles, masters' theses, and doctoral dissertations that report original research on various aspects of plant life in Oklahoma. A number of secondary sources describing botanical elements of the state are also included, as are several regional and national floras and other decriptive works that give good coverage of Oklahoma. Floras that pertain to the plants of the state as a whole or to those within a specifically defined region of the state are included along with taxonomic descriptions of plants that were originally discovered and described in the state. Some agricultural publications that deal with soil conservation or with native plants are included, but those dealing with crops are not. Publications on algae and fungi of Oklahoma soil and water are within the purview of the bibliography, but those having to do with fossil plants and palynology are not. Zoological, geographical, and geological publications that contain vegetation descriptions are included. Certain reports to and by government agencies are included that deal with Oklahoma vegetation and are readily obtainable. Publications that deal exclusively with anatomy, morphology, or physiology of plants are not included.

Major North American as well as state and regional botanical journals were examined to discover articles pertaining to Oklahoma that should be included. The catalogs of the libraries at Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma were searched for theses and dissertations relating to Oklahoma botany as well as those from all other universities in the state at which graduate degreees in biology may have been granted. Botanists from all the universities of Oklahoma were solicited to contribute their own personal bibliographies of botanical publications for inclusion. Please read the metadata file for more information on the Plant Literature of Oklahoma.

Limit of use: The material previously published in Oklahoma Botanical Literature may be used for research and citation purposes only.

Disclaimer: The Oklahoma Biological Survey cannot warranty the accuracy or utility of the data. OBS data may require a certain level of biological expertise for proper analysis, interpretation and application. Our staff is available to advise you on the technical aspects of these data.

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