Robert Bebb Herbarium

OKLThe Robert Bebb Herbarium is maintained jointly by the Oklahoma Biological Survey and the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology of the University of Oklahoma. The Herbarium is housed on the second floor of George Lynn Cross Hall with the Department of Botany and Microbiology.  The mission of the Bebb Herbarium is to document and to promote understanding of plant diversity in the state of Oklahoma and adjacent regions. There are three primary components to our mission: 1) to support basic and applied research in the plant and environmental sciences, 2) to support educational activities related to the life sciences, and 3) to promote awareness of Oklahoma’s flora and vegetation to the scientific community, professional organizations and agencies, and the interested public. The specimens housed in the herbarium must be maintained in good condition and arranged in an orderly fashion to facilitate use by authorized individuals.

Abigail Moore
Abigail MooreHerbarium Curator

Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory

The Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory (ONHI) is a central repository for information on Oklahoma’s natural heritage. ONHI is charged with maintaining dynamic, geo-referenced databases of information on the state’s biological diversity, including rare and endangered species, species of special concern, and significant ecological communities.

Bruce Hoagland
Bruce HoaglandCoordinator
Oklahoma Natural Areas Registry

Oklahoma Natural Areas Registry

The Oklahoma Natural Areas Registry program acknowledges the volunteer spirit of landowners for the conservation of animals, plants, natural communities,and geological features occurring on their properties. From Texas horned lizards, burrowing owls, and gray bats to orchids, red buckeyes, Tallgrass prairies and granite outcrops, Oklahoma landowners are working to protect these and other natural elements of our state.

Priscilla Crawford
Priscilla CrawfordConservation Biologist