Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies) of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Odonata Project (OOP)

The Oklahoma Odonata Project's purpose is to document the diversity of the state's odonates (dragonflies and damselflies). Field surveys, along with efforts to find all extant specimens for the state, have produced an extensive database of odonate records. This database also contains data gathered from field notes of other researchers and photographic and sight records. Together these sources add up to >55,000 records dating back to 1877 and accounting for >250,000 individual odonates. With these data we have investigated many aspects of odonate ecology including biogeographical affinities, conservation status, and the effects of land-use changes.

Such studies culminated in our book
Dragonflies at a Biogeographical Crossroads:
The Odonata of Oklahoma and Complexities Beyond its Borders

The Oklahoma Odonata Project (OOP) is lead by Brenda D. Smith and Michael A. Patten.
If you need help with identification, would like to report sightings,
or have documentation of interesting records to submit,
please contact Brenda (argia[@]ou.edu).


Bryan E. Reynolds Outdoor Oklahoma article May/June 2020


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Additional contributions have come from:
Aadriaan Aaronson, John C. Abbott, Curt Allen, Franklin Alm, David Arbour, Donald C. Arnold, James W. Arterburn, Alexandra A. Barnard, Cheryl B. Barr, David Bass, Giff Beaton, Eric J. Beck, Roy J. Beckemeyer, Elizabeth A. Bergey, James H. Boone, Charles “Andy” Boring, Wade Boys, Jason T. Bried, Zachary Bragg, Jutta C. Burger, Jim Burns, Amy Buthod, Gloria Caddell, Janalee P. Caldwell, Rob Cannings, Bill Carrell, James Cokendolpher, Alex Cooper, Priscilla Crawford, Claire M. Curry, Jerrell Daigle, Karolyn Darrow, Mike Dillon, Bill Dobbins, Jason J. Dombroskie, Jena Donnell, Thomas W. “Nick” Donnelly, Mark J. Dreiling, Bob Dubois, Zach DuFran, Sidney W. Dunkle, Steven Easley, Richard A. Erickson, Zachary Falin, Mark and Molly Ferguson, Colby Farquhar, Victor W. Fazio III, John Fisher, Oliver S. Flint, Jr., Matt Fullerton, Kathy Furneaux, David G. Furth, Heath J. Garner, Rosser W. Garrison, Patricia Gentili-Poole, Kate Goodenough, Rick Grantham, Christopher C. Grinter, Joe Grzybowski, Sylvia Hanson, Alex Harman, Rachel Hartnett, Adam Hasik, Berlin, Greta, and Pat Heck, Jason R. Heinen, Ford Hendershot, Gary F. Hevel, Diane, Terry, and Troy Hibbitts, Emily A. Hjalmarson, Bruce W. Hoagland, Bob and Hans Holbrook, Mark Howery, Sam Houston, Dan Jackson, Edward Johnson, J. Harrell Johnson, Shawn Johnson, Cliff and Jon Ivy, Randy Kelley, Erin Kolski, Tom Kompier, Boris C. Kondratieff, T. Kuder, Vern LaGesse, Brett H. P. Landwer, Greg W. Lasley, Heather K. LePage, Tony Leukering, Charles S. Lewallen, Melissa Lombardi, Wayne Lord, Lynda Loucks, Brian Mannel, David Martinez, Bill Mauffray, Trey McFall, Paul McKenzie, Katrina Menard, Abigail Mills, Ruth Mills, Brad Minson, Terry Mitchell, Gary Murphy, John Nelson, Hermann Nonnenmacher, David Oakley, William F. Oakley, Peter T Oboyski, Mark F. O’Brien, M.J. Paulsen, Dennis R. Paulson, Philip D. Perkins, Mark Peterson, George Pierson, Jay A. Pruett, Raymond Pupedis, Darren E. Purcell, S. Queen, Eddie Reese, Bryan Reynolds, Brett Roberts, Melissa Sadir, Robert Sanders, Kurt Schaefer, Tim Schreckengost, Rosemary Seidler, Greg Shelton,William D. Shepard, George Sims, Paul Skelley, Dixie Smith, Kent Sowers, Don Stanley, Bill Stark, Ryan Steiner, Jessie Tanner, Kenneth J. Tennessen, Jennifer C. Thomas, Jeff Trahan, Jona Tucker, Cynthia Van Den Broeke, Caryn C. Vaughn, Laurie J. Vitt, Tim Vogt, Jason D. Weintraub, JB Wheatley, Hal White, Lauren A. Wilkerson, Ken Williams, Bill Wilwers, William R. Winfree, Lauren Wishard, Doug Wood, Amber Zimmerman, and all of those who have submitted recent records.

Thank you all so much!

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