Robber Flies (Asilidae) of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Robber Flies Project

The Oklahoma Robber Flies Project's purpose is to document the diversity of the state's Asilidae (robber flies). Akin to the Oklahoma Odonata Project and the Oklahoma Tiger Beetle Project, the Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory is conducting statewide field surveys to document the status and distribution of species. Museum specimens, photographic and literature records, and researcher field notes are being compiled into a spatial database that will shape our understanding of the state's Asilidae.

The Oklahoma Robber Flies Project is lead by
Brenda D. Smith and Michael A. Patten. If you need help with identifications or you would like to submit records, please contact Michael (mpatten[at]ou[dot]edu).

  Boehler Seeps Preserve,
Atoka Co., Oklahoma,
20 July 2014
(Photo by and copyright of Brenda D. Smith.)
   Checklist of Oklahoma Robber Flies