The faculty and staff of the Oklahoma Biological Survey contribute to the mission of the University of Oklahoma by providing exceptional educational experiences for students in a wide variety of programs in the life sciences. These experiences emphasize training in biodiversity science, field biology, and research at the undergraduate and graduate level. Students trained by Biological Survey faculty and staff are interested in a wide variety of careers in biology, conservation, and the environment.

Classes Taught by Survey Personnel

Ecology and Organismal Biology
Principles of Ecology (syllabus) Caryn Vaughn
Principles of Plant Ecology Lara Souza
Population Ecology Jeff Kelly
Stream Ecology (syllabus) Caryn Vaughn
Tropical Ecology Michael Patten, Wayne Elisens
Biology of Invertebrates Liz Bergey
Avian Ecology Seminar Jeff Kelly
Avian Evolutionary Ecology Michael Patten
Introductory Biology, Molecule/Cell/Phys Richard Broughton
Principles of Physiology (syllabus) Eli Bridge
Cornerstone Research: The Power of Life Richard Broughton
Cornerstone Research: The Secret Life of Snails Liz Bergey
Senior Seminar (Capstone): topic varies Elizabeth Bergey, Wayne Elisens, Michael Patten, Caryn Vaughn
Applied Ecology
Plant Care and Cultivation Wayne Elisens
Human Influences on Vegetation Bruce Hoagland
Global Change Biology (syllabus) Lara Souza
Biological Conservation Jeff Kelly
Ecosystem Services Antonio Castro-Martinez
Animal Movements/Disease Risk Andrea Contina
Research Skills and Applications
Fundamentals of GIS Todd Fagin
Introduction to Computer Mapping and Analysis Todd Fagin
Multivariate Analysis Michael Patten
Meta-Analysis in Ecology and Evolution Michael Patten
Methods in Plant Biology Lara Souza
Stable Isotopes in Ecology Seminar Jeff Kelly
Molecular Methods in Ecology and Evolution Richard Broughton
Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics Richard Broughton
Geography of Oklahoma Bruce Hoagland
Physical Geography Bruce Hoagland, Richard Thomas
Biogeography Bruce Hoagland
Phylogeography Michael Patten